E R L O Z – WIP Walkthrough

“To do is to know how it’s done.”

a.) b.)

a.) I start with a loose sketch. I prepare my references and build up a character design.

b.) I set the sketch layer to 50% opacity and on a new layer, I add a clean line work.

c.) d.)

c.) I will be doing it in gray scale. I create a new layer underneath the line work. I fill in the whole subject with base gray and I block in the shadows/light with a soft brush (80% opacity).

Then, I add a new layer on top of the linework and starts to paint the right eye.  (You can see that the line work is now merged with the current painting)

d.) I continue to paint the details of the eyes, starting from the under to top. I keep in closely a palette of colors for easier painting.

e.) f.)

e.) More blocking and detailing at the upper level of the body.

f.) I started doing the tattoos manually. I switch to Photoshop and create shapes with the Pen tool. I also fill the lower body with the base colors. With the help of the step c, the painting process will be easier.

g.) h.)

g.) After doing the tattoos and the basic values, the only thing left to do is the goggles and the hair.

For the hair, I did not do it in grayscale. I immediately started painting it with colors adjusting it with PS’s adjustment layer.

h.) I now switch to PS from Sai. I merged all of the layers except the background. I make 3 clipping masks all set to 60% opacity (Soft Light, Overlay and Multiply).

With a soft brush with a 60% opacity and 80% flow, I lightly block in the basic colors using the Soft light clipping mask. It will appear hazed but after stack of colors it will look fine.

For the shadows I use the Multiply clipping mask and for the highlights I use the Overlay clipping mask.

i.) j.)

i.) After a lot of painting and adjusting, I look up for textures (leather, grunge, cloth) and blended them on the clothes, mask and goggles with the Soft Light clipping mask. After that, I create another Overlay mask and chose a light teal color and brush up the face to create that illuminating glow.

j.) Finalizing and detailing (adjustment layers etc.) aaaand it’s done 😀


any questions is welcome 😀


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