Wanting to Quit Drawing?

Then here’s a good read for you ^^

Alright, I’m going to write something offensive and humorous yet inspirational for noobs and losers like me.

If you don’t get what I’m saying, just read it:


Alright, I know that most of you, cripple-handed artists, envy almost all of the (CG) Computer Generated artworks, “almost”, and everytime you try to draw looks like a pile of maggots and cow feces. All of your faces be like Emo Kids crying over their dead body because you can’t draw. Please, cripple-handed artists, if all of you are placed in a group, it would totally form an Emo Concert.

Try to be Confident just for once, not to your precious master piece, but to your ugly artwork. All of your ugly maggot drawings is a progress, we all have progress. Because every mistakes we make, teaches us something new. Try looking at your old retarded artwork and relate it to your recent artwork, if you can’t see the difference, you are blind to yourself.

Have you ever tried looking at your favorite artist’s old artwork? Yes, it’s different than the recent ones. Say this “it’s because it took him years and years to draw like that” EXACTLY!

“even thought they started at a young age, It’s never to late”

It’s not a piece of cake where you magically learn to draw flawlessly. It’s how you experience and survive many years without giving up on drawing.

“learn to inspire yourself”
-me again

So, take a PAPER and DRAW lots of WEIRD things… Or try drawing a circle potato, realistic potato, cartoon potato, ninja tomato and anything with an irregular shaped vegetable like potato… (buy NIKE shoes “Just do it”)

Aaaand… No I’m not a Professional or an Intermediate level artist… Im just normal…

When it comes to learning, take your time.


Quotes in Comments:

“It takes a lot of patience and persistence to attain your goal of being better.”
-Pola Curitana

“sometimes people tend not to learn because pro’s always use soft words that wouldn’t help on the newbies(count me in)”
-Nolzkie Boquil

” One must find a way for that frustration to become a stepping stone”
-keith bryan padillia salas

“Time spent to learn how to draw, it can be useless or useful. It only depends to the artist, to make it better.”
-kent aldrich kho

“Drawing is not a gift, it is a skill, we all have the skill. We just need to make it, and show it that we have it!”
-kent adlrich kho’s friend

” for one to gain his confidence,you have to atleast acknwldge your own artwrk/hardwrk.”
-Michelle Ann Pagilao


About Time

This wonderful evening, I had the chance to watch an inspiring movie. (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

It’s about a guy having the ability to time-travel. At first I thought “Pah, time-travelling? oh well let’s see.”
and I thought it’s going to be another time-traveller’s wife but unlike the lather I finished this one (no offence).
At first it was about the guy having to use his ability to find romance. As I watched him go into a dark place to
reverse time and undo hi mistake, I knew that by the end, he will later realize the negativity to it. As all of the positive outcomes in our
life, it will always be balanced out by negativity.

So in my opinion, there are three things in this movie:

One, you cannot change yours and another person’s life at the same time. That would disrupt the fluid of time.

Two, you will miss out little details in life that makes it worth living and

Three, you will miss out the true meaning of what it is to be happy and to live every day of your life as if it’s your last.

In the end, the guy learned this three (rules) and finally decided to call time-travelling quits. He lived a happy life without it.
I don’t see why he can’t ๐Ÿ˜€

If you guys have watched The Girl who Leapt Through Time it also portrays this kind of theory. You don’t really need time-
travelling to undo your life. Everyday is a choice and you have to think of what choice to make. After that, there is no going back.
Like in video games, where you are given choices and the outcomes depends on it? But of course all of this is just my opinion.

I admit that there are some days where I wished I could have travelled to the past and redo my mistakes. Sometimes I wished I could
have taken art seriously earlier. But hey, I’m now in this day and I had made my choice in the past. All I have to do is to move forward
and at least prepare for a brighter future so I wouldn’t regret it later on. Besides life is too short to be grumpy all the time haha~

I wish you good luck on your journey~! Oh and here’s a tiny little thing I’d like to leave to you. These words are golden ๐Ÿ™‚